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Frequently Asked Questions

Voip Answers

Q. Can I see my calls itemized?  

A. Yes. Please visit www.beagle.com.au, click 'my account' and login with your VoIP Service number (e.g 6123123@beagle.com.au) and password.

You will then see a 'Display Service Usage' link. You can then see all your itemized calls including their dispoisition. Call information is updated in real time.

Q. My friends can't call me with my Snom VoIP phone  

A. Make sure you set the option 'support broken registrar' in the line profile configuration in your telephone.

Q. What CODECs do you support?  

A. We support G711a, G711u and G729.

Q. Can I use Beagle VoIP with another ISP?  

A. No. Our bundled VoIP service is free of monthly charges and available on our network only.

Q. If I dial a telephone number without a state prefix, what number will be dialed?  

A. If you dial a number without the state prefix, the number in NSW will be dialed. Therefore, if you dial 12345678, we will call 0212345678.

Q. Is there voicemail?  

A. Yes, voicemail can be enabled for your VoIP service. Voicemails are sent to you by email. You can setup your voicemail by contacting us and then manage it by dialing 101 from your VoIP phone.