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Our standard mobile broadband service utilises parts of the Optus 4G and 3G mobile network and capabilities which when combined with our superior customer service. All services connect to the Internet with a dynamic public IPv4 address. This ensures VPNs and other applications work correctly. A public static IPv4 address is available as an option at sign-up. No ports are blocked or firewalled.


per month

5 GB

included quota

Unit price 0.50c/MB

Critical Information Summary


per month

8 GB

included quota

Unit price 0.44c/MB

Critical Information Summary


per month

15 GB

included quota

Unit price 0.37c/MB

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per month

30 GB

included quota

Unit price 0.32c/MB

Critical Information Summary

Data speeds are limited to a maximum download rate of 60Mbps. Actual download and upload speeds vary due to factors such as location, distance from the base station, local terrain, user numbers, hardware and software configuration, download or upload location, and network management measures. Typical download speeds will be around 18Mbps downstream and 8Mbps upstream with a 4G enabled tower or 256kbps to 3Mbps downstream and 256kbps to 1 Mbps upstream with a 3G enabled tower.

Each plan includes a monthly data transfer quota comprising of the sum of data uploaded or downloaded from your computer. Once you reach this limit, your service is suspended for the remainder of the calendar month. You can buy additional data usage in blocks either before or after your suspension to restore access. Any unused portion of the quota or data block is not rolled over to the next month.

Unlike some providers, we measure and charge for all usage in kilobytes.

Prior to ordering a service, make sure you have checked to see there is coverage in your area by clicking the button below.

Select Mobile Broadband Hardware and Options

In order to utilise our service, you need to bring your own mobile broadband 3G/4G device compatible with the Optus network buy a SIM (triple punch) from us online.

SIM Only
SIM Only
Triple punch SIM card


+ 9.95 delivery fee

  • Triple punch SIM card


Plan Options

Monthly Cost

Static IP
Your broadband connection receives the same public IP address each time you connect to the Internet

Setup Options

Installation Type
Installation Charge
Contract Length
1 Month




Data quota


10 Email mailboxes with spam/virus filter

Free back-up dial-up account

Credit card or direct deposit payment

Things you should know

Additional data block


Plan Change fee


Late payment fee


Early termination fee


Minimum cost for first 1 months:



SIM Only



per month