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Our staff and management share their views on a variety of topics related to the Australian telco industry.

The transformation begins


Big news is afoot here at planet Beagle. Our transformation begins tomorrow. ...

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AFACT judgement results in Pete's retirement


It has been almost 4 years, but the legal battle between film and media copyright holders and carriage service provider iiNet has concluded with iiNet victorious. While sanity has prevailed, it has a ...

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Getting up Australians would be hardly normal


Last week, there was a puff of controversy over the ban of an advertisement by environmental activist group GetUp which attacked and lampooned retail giant Harvey Norman. You can read the News Limited ...

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One small step for man, six small steps for Beaglekind


Do you remember when Australia moved from 7-digit to 8-digit telephone numbers? Well, the Internet is doing something similar. We're moving from IPv4 to IPv6. That means ...

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ISDN - It Still Delivers Networks


ISDN ('integrated services digital network') is a digital telephony standard that was created in the 1980s to cater for the emerging needs of data communication across the telephone network and allowe ...

Categories: Beagle ISDN NBN

The cherries have fallen off the NBN tree


We have tried to keep an open mind with NBN and the opportunities the concept brought to fundamentally change the telecommunications industry and introduce real competition. However, the amendments re ...

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Dialup wherefore art thou?


We have thousands of dial-up customers, and one thing they often ask is, what will happen to them when NBN comes? Many of these customers are seniors or pensioners on very tight budgets. Their total ...

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NBN's 121 ways to ruin real competition


The new national broadband network is effectively built upon the principle of swapping copper for glass and providing consumers with a fiber last mile access tail. However, that access tail needs to c ...

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