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Dialup wherefore art thou?

Date posted: 23/03/2011

We have thousands of dial-up customers, and one thing they often ask is, what will happen to them when NBN comes?

Many of these customers are seniors or pensioners on very tight budgets. Their total telecommunications spend for both home phone and dial-up might be around $25 per month. Their budgets won't stretch an extra $10-20 per month which ends up being $120-240 per year. Certainly enough for a trip to the dentist or a month's groceries.

These customers use dial-up to send a few emails, browse a little and perhaps even pay a bill or do some banking. These days, for these simple tasks, dial-up is still viable.

What does NBN hold for them? The answer is, an improved service, but at a higher cost. The most basic NBN service is not going to be less than around $40 per month and that doesn't include a PSTN equivalent voice service.

There's no doubt that the NBN is going to usher in a new range of opportunities and a brave new world for many, but for some of the most vulnerable and needy in the community, the fibre won't be lit up.

These customers will be moving not to the NBN, but instead to wireless broadband. It offers the convenience and value of dial-up in terms of portability and cost but no telephony. Therefore, in 10 years time, your grandmother might be calling you on her prepaid mobile phone and send you an email with 4G LTE wireless broadband rather than getting on the old dog 'n' bone.


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