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Our staff and management share their views on a variety of topics related to the Australian telco industry.

AFACT judgement results in Pete's retirement


It has been almost 4 years, but the legal battle between film and media copyright holders and carriage service provider iiNet has concluded with iiNet victorious. While sanity has prevailed, it has a ...

Categories: AFACT Beagle Copyright Infringement iiNet

One small step for man, six small steps for Beaglekind


Do you remember when Australia moved from 7-digit to 8-digit telephone numbers? Well, the Internet is doing something similar. We're moving from IPv4 to IPv6. That means ...

Categories: Beagle IPv6 Technical

ISDN - It Still Delivers Networks


ISDN ('integrated services digital network') is a digital telephony standard that was created in the 1980s to cater for the emerging needs of data communication across the telephone network and allowe ...

Categories: Beagle ISDN NBN


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